ILIFE A4 vs V5


If you are in search of a robot vacuum cleaner, you will find multiple options with different features and prices, if you have bought one, I’m quite sure that models such as iRobot, Samsung, Neato and Dyson are quite familiar to you. The brands design excellent products, each with superb features but quite expensive. On the other hand, the ILIFE robot vacuum cleaner is definitely the cheapest robotic vacuums offered in the markets right now ranging from $ 140 to $ 170 in but is quite expensive in Amazon. In this article, we will compare two variants; the ILIFE A4 AND V5 to give you a summary on how each ILIFE Robot Vacuum works, the features as well as the kind of floor it cleans perfectly.


ILIFE A4 is capable of cleaning bare floor and carpet except for the mopping functionality. It arrives with a prickle type motorized brush which will work perfectly on low and perhaps medium pile carpet accompanied by two side brushes that are able to clean edges. This brand has two side brushes which work in accord to suck loose dirt. Compared to other brands, ILIFE A4 boasts of its strongest suction force at 1,000 Pa making it the best choice for vacuuming carpets and bare floors.

This robot vacuum will not give you deep cleaning but will make the cleaning process decent and is also best suited for surfaces such as hardwood, linoleum or tile and low to pile carpet. The A4 uses a remote control with ten buttons including, Clean, Clock, Plan, Home and Max However, ILIFE A4 is not meant for wet or dry mopping activities but it’s one of the low-cost brands in market place, so you’ll save your money.


The ILIFE V5 is an advanced version of the ILIFE X5. Its suction power is less compared to that of ILIFE A4 but has the same design underneath, and it comes with two side brushes.  It has a suction only vacuum but it features a mop attachment, a feature lacked by ILIFE A4 model. The main dissimilarities would be the the run time and controls. The A4 uses a remote control with ten buttons including, Clean, Clock, Plan, Home and Max while the V5 comes with a LED touchscreen layout. Nevertheless, the V5 is quite cheaper than the A4 model in spite of the upgrades made on it.


With the better suction power I would prefer the A4 over the V5, as it has already been proven a reliable robot vacuum. Nonetheless, you can choose any of the two brands depending on your needs as they are both offered at cheap prices.

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